Boerboels have a shiny coat that is short and dense. The coat color can be any shade of brown, red, black or fawn. They may also be black dilute, brindle, or, more rarely, piebald. They frequently have a black mask.The skin is thick and loose but fits smoothly. Skin is well pigmented.The recognised colours are:

  • Brindle, fawn, brown and black.
  • All shades of brindle, fawn, brown and black.
  • Brindle: a colour pattern with irregular apparent vertical lines of only black hair on a brown (tan, red) or fawn base colour.
  • All the colours and associated patterns should be accompanied by good pigmentation.
  • No other colours or colour patterns or markings are acceptable.
  • Undesirable colours are:
    • Excessive/large white areas in all colours are undesirable, and must be eliminated.
      • More than a third white of the total body surface is undesirable as it may influence pigmentation.